Mad Mood Milano with Balkan Fashion Week

MAD MOOD Milano is a dynamic and original format for upcoming fashion designers and talents in the famous Italian capital of fashion and communication, a melting pot of culture and influence, Milan, Italy.


The next edition of MAD MOOD Fashion Talent Competition will be held during Milan Fashion Week at Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, from 23rd until 25th of September 2017.

MAD MOOD is about a specific italian lifestyle which, departing from its roots in Italian tradition, arrives at the discovery and development of innovation.

FASHION and FOOD become efficient tools in communicating and promoting the identity of a country and in conveying the message of INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY as long term goals for a better future.
This is the challenge for the next edition of Mad Mood Milano, during Milan Fashion Week, which, through fashion and food, aims to raise awareness in the new generations for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The program will be packed with events to value tradition and tailoring – as heritage and future – increasingly focusing the attention on new young talents, including the designers from Balkan Fashion Week.
At MAD MOOD Milano, FASHION and FOOD are protagonists: the program includes shows by international emerging designers, tastings of high quality foods and a fashion competition dedicated to young talents.


At the Fashion Talent Show MAD MOOD Milano, that closes the three days program on 23rd-25th September 2017, young designers from International fashion institutes compete, bringing original outfits created with innovative fabrics, inspired by a common theme relevant to the mood of the event. Marianna Miceli, Co-Founder of MAD MOOD Milan, will come at Balkan Fashion Week to choose the best talents
which will have the opportunity to participate at the Fashion Talent Competition during Milan Fashion Week in September 2017. Each designer will showcase an
outfit inspired by water.


“Water, vital energy” is the inspirational theme for the emerging designers taking part in MAD MOOD FASHION TALENT competition 2017. This theme has been chosen to raise awareness in young designers on the importance of protecting the precious asset of water.
The production of fabrics for the fashion sector generates waste: colors and salts used in the process pollutes the water with chemicals. Many textile companies are turning towards a more sustainable production using completely organic components turning the waste into non toxic elements.
Consistently with the mood and the message of the event, water represents an alternative and renewable form of energy for a sustainable future with low environmental impact.
The winner of the fashion talent competition can win a collaboration with a famous textile company from Italy and will be awarded by a jury of professionals within the sector presided by Cav.

Mario Boselli (Honorary President of the Chamber of Italian Fashion), and composed of: Beppe Pisani (Ambassador of the Textile Fair of Milano Unica), Anna Fendi , Roberto Portinari (Italian Fashion Platform), Antonio
Mancinelli (Editor in chief, Marie Claire Italia), Pietro Lenna (Director of the Fashion Industry, Lombardy Region), Claudia Origgi (Head of Print Research at Roberto
Cavalli), Pirazzi Olga (Citta Dell’Arte – Pistoletto Foundation), Antonio Franceschin i (CNA Federmoda Italia). The MAD MOOD fashion talent competition represents a fantastic occasion for young designers of Balkan Fashion Week to liberate their creativity.


In the passed edition of MAD MOOD Milano the young designers took their inspiration in Mediterranean food to create original outfits.


Enrico Linassi won the competition presenting a splendid outfit in- spired by black beans and rice using fabrics by Serikos Spa. His creation united the concept of new
diet with haute couture.

A long dress with buckles in black leather with a pattern of black beans and rice in silk georgette to confer lightness and a sinuous and spacious appearance.
An overcoat inspired by the English style completes the outfit. Thanks to Mad Mood Fashion Talent, Enrico Linassi has undertaken an effective collaboration with the company Canepa spa, launching his own line produced and designed by Carlotta Canepa.
The company Canepa Spa of Como was main partner of MAD MOOD Milano 2016: at the workshop of September 25 they presented an innovative proposal with their patent Save the Water.


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