After 30 successful years in the Greek fashion industri, Tranoulis fashion house passes  on the torch on the second generation, young talented Athena & Anastasios Tranoulis.


They  both decided to built the brand ” ATHENA BY. TRANOULIS” only for one purpose;

to protest and be the fashion voice, among other voices around the world, for the return of the Parthenon marbles to its oroginal place.

The name of protest compaign is “TAKE ME HOME”.


I stand alone so far away from my home for more than 200 years. Far away from my people, from those made me, those who love and understand my origin.

So many years, millions stand in front of me and admire my beauty, learn my story and touch my skin. I love them too and I thank them for their kindness. But no matter how much they love me, only my people can feel my heartbeat and keep my soul warm.

And even if I did the mistake to allow people to kidnap me, now it’s time to go home.

Please, take me home! “

The Voice of the Stolen Parthenon marbles,Athens Greece


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