Out of fashion


Nefelia is an Architect-Designer. Having graduated from Mackintosh school of Architecture and Brighton university, her studies in fashion design followed, in Akto design school, Athens, Greece. These helped her to switch from Architecture to design in order to work in smaller creative projects.

With the culture of the architect, the experience of advanced design work-construction-supervision, she gained the ability to move from large to small scale projects. Nefelia- Out Of Fashion, was born by the need to put a design effort under real construction in terms that apply to everyday life.

The love for design and the need for creation brings her everyday closer to making -out of fashion-design products. The label of Nefelia kickstarted with the production of unique jewellery, and expands to the creation of home accessories.


Objects that amaze while still being realistic enough to execute. A true greek drama is taking place as the collection progresses, with highly designed objects, initiating newcomers to land of mythical figures, Greek goddesses and heroes.

The collection includes pieces that couple 3D plexi with concrete, wood and brass, creating an exciting mix of unexpected elements, that characterize the distintive and out of fashion work of nefelia.


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